Server Rules and Community Guidelines?

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    Hey, we've been rolling with these rules and guidelines for a while now. Please let us know how you'd like rules or guidelines to change. We are targeting 18+ players, so I feel some rules are very restrictive but also should be moderated.

    Server Rules

    1. Be respectful, to everyone!
    2. Be ethical!
    3. Use common sense! Don't be stupid!
    4. Don't use any bugs, glitches, or duplication glitches! If you find an issue please use /report!
    5. Keep the community a safe, chill, and fun place to play!
    6. No racism in chat, no intolerance to gender, religion, or sexual preference!
    7. Do not put your age, location, or real name in chat! Keep those in private messages!
    8. Do not kill players, or tag lock them within their claimed land! This goes for spawn, and any public warps too.
    9. Don't say any form of kill yourself, you will be banned.
    10. Any malicious behavior will result in a ban!
    11. Any abuse of items/blocks that negatively impact players or the server will result in a ban.
    12. If you have any Draconic Evolution spawners, or mass mob farms you must be able to turn it on and off easily!
    13. Staff and players are expected to uphold the rules! No bypass, no bs, just follow the rules!
    14. Keep chat tolerable in accordance to who is online on the server, excessive vulgarity or obnoxiousness will result in punishment!
    Final Notice - Failure to follow rules will result in punishment varying in degree!

    Community Guidelines

    This server is ever growing, people from all likes are joining from all across the world. Not everyone has the same views in life, and everyone has different moral standards. If you're going to be swearing in chat, or being obnoxious we advise that you learn who is in the player base. If someone doesn't like what you say or do, don't do it! If you're going to continue keep it in personal messages or hop in a voice chat!

    For things regarding mental health, and physical attributes. We uphold a 0 tolerance to shaming someone for their race, gender, sexual preference, religion, ect. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, you NEVER know what goes on in someone's life at any given point! Keep it safe, keep it fun, and make sure that people can just chill and relax.

    We do have extremely young to the more mature folk on our server, make some friends, get to know people! The world is smaller than you think, we have players coming back from years back revisiting, and we have new players everyday! We are all family here, let's act like one. Sure we have our ups and downs but we come back strong.

    You guys are awesome, let's keep rolling strong through 2018!
    See you guys on the server! YEEET!

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