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    In Game Name: PickledToast (ASS)

    Age: 16

    Server: Infinity Evolved

    Discord Name: Seen
    Time Played: around 250 Hours

    Why Would You Make A Good Addition To Our Team?: I am a very layed back person with a lot of Administrative Experience from Minecraft and Counter Strike. I Administrated and ran a CS server for a community for almost 2 years so over that time i gained a lot of experience with handling Player based situations, which is what i do best surprisingly. I know most Admin commands for Minecraft but I might need a little review because its been a while for minecraft, so I would make best for a more Internal Affairs position than a technical.

    Do You Have Any Previous Infractions On The Server? I used to be rather annoying and cancer back on the old server but i'm done with all that garbage which might be hard to believe, I will still fuck around with my boy c r i s p y m e a t but all of the faze nick garbage is done with.

    How Well Do You Know Commands?: I know most commands from when I used to Moderate/Administrate older servers from around 1.6 days.

    Any Recommendations From People Who Are Already On The Staff Team?: Banished/Rez

    Rank In Game: Vip/Modorator/Trash/Veteran

    Now For The Math Portion:(100% For Real)

    1.) 2+2= 4?

    2.) 4*4= 16?

    3.) Answer1 * Answer2 = 64?

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